A game of skill, planning and team spirit as well as physical endurance

We propose a number of games depending on the size of the groups of players. The terrain can hold maximum 12 people at the same time, and the minimum size for a game is six players.

The typical game involves two teams with an equal number of players (for example four against four) playing against each other to try to catch the flag of the opposing team and bring it to safety into the central maze.

Unequal numbers? We also have a game where a couple of defenders defend the maze and its flag, and the rest try to attack and conquer the flag.

This is a great sport to develop tactical strategies and team work skills, as well as train your physical condition and determination.


Paintball Cabarete - watching

paintball - going for the last game

paintball - endurance

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We'll provide you with all the equipment you need!

Included in the paintball package price is all the necessary equipment:

  • marker with as much air as necessary,
  • mask,
  • protective vest,
  • protective jumpsuit (not mandatory but highly recommended),
  • as well as 200 paint balls.

If you decide not to take the protective jumpsuit be sure to wear clothing with long sleeves and long trousers.

You will be able to buy additional paint balls if you want to. Also included in the price is cold drinking water.

The only things you need to bring are sport shoes as well as your good mood!

Have your own gear, or need only a mask for example? No problem, we also have separate pricing for just entrance or rental of equipment.


Paintball Cabarete - equipment

Paintball Cabarete - equipment

Paintball Cabarete - paintball equipment

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Want to bring your own gear but are missing something? We also rent out paintball equipment!




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